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Fresh Fridays: July 24, 2009 Edition

So I know I didn’t get up with you guys last week, I definitely dropped the ball. Anyhow I am back. Another Friday is here and its time for a release, its time to enjoy ourselves and reflect on the past week of servitude. Everyone has vices, one of mine is shoes, sneakers to be exact. I used to be on jordans and stuff but as I get older I am moving into the more casual sneaker look. I saw these and had to post.



available @ Bows And Arrows

Chukka Peacoat Wool Grey Vans Vault 09


also available @ Bows and Arrows

Fresh Fridays: Yessss The Week Is Over

I was reviewing the posts that I have written and I noticed that a lot of them have been rather melancholy, which is probably a result of how I have been feeling lately. Anyhow, I have decided from this day on to reserve Friday posts for things that I have encountered throughout the week that I deem fresssssssshhhh. Yeah it’s great to be serious, methodical and analytical, but a huge part of my blog is about not letting the 9 to 5 rob you of your essence. So I have reserved Fridays just to exhibit some of the things that I think are cool. Please feel free to post your links of cool things you have encountered during the week, whatever they may be. Everyone’s essence is unique, but everyone must strive to keep it, especially in the midst of corporate servitude. I invite you to share your individuality with me…

Kris van Assche Fall/Winter 2009 High Top Sneaker

Kris van Assche Fall/Winter 2009 High Top Sneaker

Almost called it a night (or a morning according to the time), but I had to share these with you all too. It’s all about Essence Maintenance.

Kris van Assche High Top Sneaker Side

Kris van Assche High Top Sneaker Top

via: Highsnobeity


I like to think I elevated past tee shirts. I’ll still do some fitteds with a polo and some nikes, or boat shoes. Mostly I stick to plain tees as of late. If I do get a tee, its got to say something, and I don’t mean a label name. It’s got to have a dope message. I was in Commonwealth and I ran across this and I loved the message, so I copped it. Side note, this is definitely one of the best spots to shop in DC.


via: Commonwealth

Junya Watanabe Cardigan

Never even heard of this brand, and I had kinda been off argyle for a minute, but the patches just make this kinda hot. Perfect for trying to maintain that effortlessly fresh look for work.

Junya Cardigan

Junya Cardigan

via: Highsnobeity

Bread And Butter Volta Canvas Kicks

As we all know, I like keeping it fresh. I believe, with all my heart, that if you get to ingrained in the monotony of the 9 to 5 you will loose you’re essence and simply stop caring about you how you look. There is nothing wrong with looking dope at work, and don’t let anyone tell you different. And yes while it is true there is nothing wrong with looking good, I do not advocate going into debt or living beyond your means to look good…anyhow..I think these are kinda hot. A nice casual look that could be used for both work and grown up play.


via: Selectism
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Torn In Between Two Worlds

So emerging into the realm of adulthood has been an experience for me. I love fashion, maybe not fashion on the level of someone like Kanye, but I definitely love getting fresh within my means. I have never been one to believe into going into debt or asking someone else for money to get a new polo shirt or some Jordans. Anyhow, ever since I have started working and attending more mature venues, I don’t tend to wear the same stuff that I used to. I have become a lot more fond of things like boat shoes, and “casual” sneaker lines like Cole Haan and Clae more than the Jordans and Foamposites (sneaker heads will know what I mean). However, when a crazy looking pair of sneakers comes out, something in me feels like I must have them. I damn near camped out for what I consider the best new sneaker of 09, but I didnt. One because, I don’t ever win raffles, which was the only way to obtain these shoes in my area, and two I am reaching a point where I am coming to the realization that I am growing up. However, I still believe that hot sneakers can be dressed up and made to look mature depending on the outfit, it all comes down to how well you can elevate the essence.
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Keeping it Fresh at Work

I had an idea for another post but I just had to comment on something that happened at work today. Today was a pretty boring day like most days have been with the new position, but around 11:00 am something interesting happened. This woman walked past me. She wasn’t particularly my type, actually she was pretty old; I did not think she was all the sexy or even cute for that matter, but for some reason I was enamored with her. At this point you may be wondering why. It was her outfit.

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