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Never working again

“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” -Harvey MacKay

When I heard that quote on some television show last week, it really spoke to me. This is such an awkward period in the lives of people in their mid to late twenties that can easily be defined by one word..confusion. For the last few months I have been beating myself up wondering what I am going to do with my life. After I exhausted all wondering, then I began to look at my friends and wonder, why is it that it seems that everyone else has seemed to figure out this thing called life but me? Why is it I absolutely dread going to work, but a lot of my coworkers don’t or at least don’t wear their dread on there faces. After actually talking to some of my friends I found that I am not the only one, a lot of people are going through this thing called the quarterlife crisis, which I wrote about in one of my first posts on this blog that I have neglected for the last few months.

I think the biggest question that I a lot of people in my generation have is, what do I love doing? I guess that is why I love stories about people who found their passion in something completely different from what they were classically trained to do. How can one figure out what one loves to do? Live. Going to work every day at something you merely tolerate for a check is not living, and it is not going to help you find out what you love doing. I am not completely crazy and I realize external factors such as bills and families can make it hard to just up and quit your job and start finding yourself, but I guess that’s where side projects come into play, and just trying different things you in your spare time that you think may be interesting. All the while working on these side projects, you can keep busy and perhaps uncover your passion.

One of the hardest thing is figuring out where to start, what projects to take on, how to get them off the ground. That’s the stage I’m at now, first step in my process has been pretty simple, start a list of things you think you might want to do, or things you do already when you have spare time or things you would do if money was not an issue. Take it from there.

Hopefully eventually you (and I) can get to the point where we find what we really love doing and never have to work another day in our lives.

Fighting Recession Depression:
8 Tips On Keeping Your Spirits High
In A Rough Economic Climate


It’s been official, we are in a global recession. Seasoned workers are out of work, unhappy workers are looking for work, and recent college grads are coming out finding that this economic climate is not as welcoming as they would have hoped. One problem with this recession and people loosing their jobs or remaining at jobs they hate is that it aids in depression. Its an extremely slippery slope, it tends to be gradual, but all the rejection from potential employers or lack of calls for interviews takes its toll, the effects can be damaging.

Here are some tips that I have come up with to try to maintain and emerge triumphant in this recession:

  1. Start cutting back on unnecessary expenses. This one is pretty simple, if you are out of work, you need to start conserving your money, you have to make that money stretch. Go to parks, museums and free shows for entertainment. Remember, you do not have to spend money to have fun.
  2. Get Out. You know how everyone says you need to get out when your girl/boy friend dumps you, getting dumped by a job is no different. Do no stay in the house, you have to remain active. Yes, you should spend your day actively searching for a job or working on your personal venture, but go to the library and do it. If you have a laptop go to a park that has WiFi (many major city have some). Notice, I did not say go to Starbucks, or Panera Bread etc, when you are in that setting you will be tempted to buy something, this is a CLEAR violation of rule # 1.
  3. Exercise.. Lack of a job is not an excuse to let yourself go; plus scientific studies have shown that daily excurses helps to relieve stress. Also, exercise can help you look better, good looking people tend to be a little better received than people that don’t look good. Physical fitness is often times synonymous with discipline and hard work, these tend to be things that employers like in potential new hires.
  4. Volunteer. Just because you cannot find a job, does not mean there is not work to do. There is absolutely nothing wrong with finding an organization that needs services you are qualified to offer. Sometimes volunteering can eventually lead to a job within the organization. One thing volunteering can do, aside from helping out a good organization, is inflate you resume, and help you gain experience.
  5. Learn more and sharpen skills. Realize that the competition for jobs is fierce. Brushen up on things you are weak on. Investigate any free training opportunities that may be available. A lot of cities have Offices of Employment Services that have listings of free and paid training services, take advantage of these services. If you can afford to spend the money you may want to take some specialized training, you might try to get a certification or two. If you cannot afford to take paid classes, this is perfectly understandable, but not an excuse; read books, if you cannot afford to buy books, go to the library. Do everything you can to strengthen your skill set, it can only help.
  6. Re-brand yourself. Make no mistake, when it comes to finding a job you have a dual role; you are both a product and the salesman of that product. It may be time to investigate a new marketing strategy. You may want to investigate redoing your resume, either paying to have a professional redo it, if you can, or get a resume-writing book with lots of examples and give your resume a facelift. Work on your sales pitch, practice your public speaking. TAKE HEED to tip # 3, looking good can not do anything but help when it comes to finding a job.
  7. Start a business or personal project. What do you have to loose? If you are already unemployed or unhappy with your current job, starting a business is a win win situation. If you are unemployed this will give you something to work on and possibly make money from. Furthermore, you will be able to improve your skills and learn new things, which may in turn help you in your job hunt, while possible providing you with a way to gain some income on the side even when you do find employment. This is such a great tip, I plan to expand on it more in the near future.
  8. DO YOUR BEST TO STAY POSITIVE. It is hard in these times, but getting down does nothing to help.

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