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100 Days of Meditation

So, it’s been a solid seven years since I actually wrote anything on this blog, and I’m in a crazy rush right now..BUT..I am trying to start a new habit.  I intend to practice mindful meditation for at least 10 minutes a day for the next 100 days.  I intend to chronicle the results here, I am curious how it turns out.


Anyway, today was day 1.  hopefully I will have more to elaborate on as the time passes.

2424 Lofts in Adams Morgan

The real estate rush that took over DC the past few years really created some gems. This one is right in the heart of Adams Morgan along 18th street. I fell in love with these condos when I first saw some pictures on another site for a different unit. I recently got this notice in an email newsletter, found out its going for a cool 1.9 million. It was in pdf form so I had to shrink it down to get it on this blog. THESE PICS DO NOT DO IT JUSTICE, I URGE YOU TO FOLLOW THE LINK BELOW THE PICS AND LOOK AT THE REAL FLIER.


via Fred Bates Real Estate

A day in the life of a 9 to 5

I saw this commercial while I was on vacation, I immediately found the link on YouTube and emailed myself the link. This commercial is crazy, because it is a perfect example of how 9 to 5 life can rob you of your essence.

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