Sh*t Happens: Don’t Let The Unexpected
Bring You Down

Arriving At My Epiphany

Recent events that have occurred in my life have begun to dredge up old thoughts I used to have a lot of when I first got out of college. There have been more than a few times that I would wonder why is it that every time I am actively working towards accomplishing some goal something comes up; be it a family emergency, a car accident or a friend that may need help, or whatever. It always seems that right when I think I am on the right track something derails the plans. Today it hit me, I felt like I had one of those “AHH HA” moments this morning as I was drinking my protein shake and listening to the marvelous new Mos Def album while driving to serve out my daily 8 hour sentence.

What was the epiphany you ask? It was this…Sh*t Happens. There are only two things in life that are certain, death and uncertainty. No matter how much you plan and plan, there is always something that can derail the plan. When you look back at most successful people in the course of history there is some tale of strife or hardship that they overcame. I am not talking about people that have inherited success, I am talking about success achieved through blood, sweat and tears. I tend to think that at the root of EVERY success story some hard work and unplanned hiccups occurred. While some people may have had their success handed to them, somewhere along the line, maybe generations back, there was someone who had to put in the work to bring a vision to fruition.

Complaining About The Unexpected is A Waste Of Time

In a previous post I wrote I gave some examples of people that did not allow the wrenches that were thrown into their master plans to completely derail plans. I am starting to think more and more that one of the key things that separate the successful people from the unsuccessful people is the ability to cope and keep moving in the midst of unexpected events. Many people complain when something happens that was not planned for, but what good does that do? Kanye West once wrote, “Never complain without offering a solution”, and that rings so true. If you can not offer up a solution that will allow you to change what you are complaining about, you will just complain endlessly, because you are not addressing the root of the complaint.

I realize that I complain a lot about hating the 9 to 5 lifestyle. I also notice that I tend to complain about unplanned strife and allow it to stress me out and make me depressed. How is this wasted energy I exert on complaining benefiting me in the long run? It isn’t, these complaints are not helping me in the least bit. Perhaps I should spend more time working towards achieving the goals necessary to lead a life I am happy living; I should spend more time developing habits and means that will allow me to just deal with unplanned events, in a manner that will not bring me down and completely discourage my productivity.

What do you think? Have there been things that have occurred in your life that you have wasted tremendous time complaining about rather than working on ways to overcome these obstacles and putting yourself in a position to better deal with them in the future?