My Generation

Yes Yes, I know it has been an extremely long time since I last posted, but I read this really interesting quote today and I felt like posting it. The quote is from Penelope Trunk the founder of Brazen Careerist Anyhow, I just thought that it rang very true.

“How can you tell if a member of Gen Y hates his or her boss?”

“You can’t. This is a non-confrontational generation. They change politics by voting, not screaming in the streets. And they change the workplace by quitting, rather than complaining. This is a generation that enjoyed mutual respect with their parents and their parents’ friends. Gen Y at large feel uncomfortable being openly confrontational than other, less cared-for generations.”

Not saying I hate my job or anything like that, I’m just saying that this quote was pretty good at explaining my generation’s “apathy”. (Please do not think I think that my generation is as apathetic as previous generations would like to think)