Wow..I swear HBO read my mind

Link to first episode after the jump..

If you are a fan of Entourage, the creators of the show have just developed a new series for HBO, How To Make It In America. The show is about a group of twenty-something “hipsters” (I abhor that term) trying to figure out life. There are some pretty interesting characters in the show portrayed by a somewhat well known cast, there are definitely a lot of familiar faces in this one.

Needless to say, I love the show, at least based on the first episode. While I have been HUGE Entourage fan since Season 1 episode 1, I think there is potential for me to like this show more. People may hear that last sentence and think I am nuts, but I feel like more people my age can relate to this show. While Entourage definitely depicts the life every under 40 male desires, I think this show depicts the life a lot of us actually have on some level. It illustrates that hunger to want something more but not knowing how exactly to get there. It shows how a lot of people my age don’t grow up wanting to get the monotonous 9 to 5 with the “great” big company , and hour long commute that comes with the big house in the burbs.

I think one of the best lines in the show that characterizes exactly how I feel and what the show is about occurs when one of the characters asks the rich father of one of his friends’ for some seed money to start a new business, Rich Dad replies: “You keep coming to me with these crazy ideas, and maybe some of them might be good, but everybody’s got ideas but nobody wants to put in the work, don’t tell me what you’re going to do, show me what you’ve done”. I think, at least I hope, that line summarizes what this show will be about, two guys who decide to stop talking and start doing.

I think this show has the potential to be the My So Called Live of this generation. O well, don’t take my word for it, check it out and let me know what you think. Oh yeah, they score major points for the “real” hip hop sound too, and for the hip hop heads, Kid Cudi has a small part in the show, which will probably get bigger as the show progresses.

Show via HBO via youtube
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