Living At Home After College

A few weeks ago I read a post over at a, in the post the author explained how if a man was living at home this immediately disqualified him from her pool of eligible bachelors. After talking to a few of my friends, all of whom have pretty decent jobs and could well afford to move out (one of whom moved out and decided to move back home to save money), I was inspired to write this post. Here are a few of the reasons I have come up with not to move out immediately.

Student Loan Debt.

Today’s young adults are faced with a much different environment once they embark on their journeys into the real world. I often talk to my uncle about financial stuff and he loves to brag about how when he graduated college, which he paid for by working at the school, the college he attended owed him money; this not the case for many of today’s graduates. A 2004 study found that about 25% of graduating students carried over $25,000 in student loan debt, which did not include parent incurred debt. If you were already starting out with that much debt, why would you want to go deeper into debt by adding on extra expenses? There is absolutely nothing wrong with trying to knock those student loans out early or at least reduce some of that principal before taking on unnecessary debt.

Uncertainty About Your Future.

Almost every friend I have that bought a house or condo or rented an apartment out of college regrets the decision. At this stage in our lives we tend to be very unsure of what we want to do in many different facets of our lives, especially professional. The ability to be flexible in your pursuit to find out what you really want to do with your life is an extremely valuable asset to have. Prematurely moving out greatly hinders this flexibility; it is extremely easy to get sucked into remaining at a job you hate or in a field you detest just to make ends meet. There is nothing wrong with staying home for a little while to try to lighten the debt load and gather your thoughts. This is a perfect time to figure out exactly what you are working towards and how to get it; it can be hard to figure out what you are working towards when you are working to pay rent/mortgage, utility bills, student loans, credit cards, and all the other expenses that we tend to over indulge in as adults.

A Way To Sift Through Possible Mates (Mainly A Reason For Guys)

Some people may not feel me on this one, but in talking to a lot of my friends we have often found that a woman’s reaction to this post college living situation is a great personality indicator of what type of person she is. It is true that there is a such thing as a scrub; there are men who are living it home because they do not want to grow up, if you fall in this category, this post is not really aimed at you. However, there are men that are living at home with a plan, there are guys that are saving money to start a company, erase debt, and trying to develop their lives in a manner that align with their definitions of success, if a woman can’t understand that you are living at home for a higher purpose, chances are she is not the one for you. This is a great indicator; it doesn’t take months and months of courting and pointless conversation or anything. It’s quite simple, if she has a problem that you are working towards your master plan, perhaps she does not need to be around when your master plan comes to fruition. An intelligent woman will recognize that you are being fiscally responsible, not cheap. If a woman realizes that you have goals, and you have charted out a path to reach them, chances are she may possess or appreciate some of the same fiscal and entrepreneurial qualities you do. I will reiterate, if you do fall into the scrub category, don’t be mad that the lady in question sees that.

I am by no means advocating being a deadbeat and remaining at home forever in an attempt to facilitate some never-ending quest to avoid responsibility and find yourself. I also do not condone living at home just because you are cheap and don’t want to grow up. I only support living at home if you are doing so in an attempt to work towards something bigger, or helping out your family. I tend to think student loan debt is the biggest reason to remain at home for while. I can also condone it if you are working on some entrepreneurial pursuit or if you actually have a plan for the money you’re saving, aside from being cheap. If you are debt free and just living at home so that you can afford to drive a Benz and pop bottles every weekend, get off your ass and move out, you fall in the scrub category.