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The Lurkers: Why Socially Awkward “Supervisors”
Make Me So Uncomfortable


So today I am deciding to vent about something. Something that has bothered almost every since I started working, but especially since I started at the new company I am at. What is this something you ask? It’s The Lurkers. The Lurkers are the people at your job that just happen to always be right behind you, the lurkers are the ones that seemingly appear from out of nowhere whenever you least expect it. Throughout my post collegiate career I was fortunate enough to only have to deal with two; all I can say is…I can’t stand The Lurkers.

I will admit that my mind drifts at times, probably because I have very little passion for the work that I do; this is probably why I am great prey for the Lurkers. I have noticed that the Lurkers tend to have impeccable timing; they can always show up when you are chopping it up with a co-worker, or when you are reading an article on the web that has nothing to do with your job. Yes I will concede that I probably should be doing work (for explanation of why I am not busy see this post), but that is not my problem with The Lurkers, my problem is that they don’t say ANYTHING or if they do it is of little importance.

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Working for a Big Company vs Working for a
Small Company.

Making My Decision To Move To A Small Company

When I made the decision to quit my first postgraduate job at a large (20,000 people large) successful consulting firm and go to a small startup-consulting firm, I felt like the decision was huge. When I notified my old job most of my co-workers had mixed reactions, some told me I would be running back, other’s told me that I should do it now since I am young and could afford to take the risk. After working at the large firm for close to three years I was beginning to get comfortable and to some extent lazy. I will never forget what one of my co-workers, who was a subcontractor from a small company told me; he sent me an email saying that I was about to make a great decision and that working for a small companies has advantages and disadvantages, but that it would force me to work harder and tap into my innovative entrepreneurial spirit. After a month of weighing the pros and cons, I made the switch. Continue reading…

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