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Never working again

“Find something you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life” -Harvey MacKay

When I heard that quote on some television show last week, it really spoke to me. This is such an awkward period in the lives of people in their mid to late twenties that can easily be defined by one word..confusion. For the last few months I have been beating myself up wondering what I am going to do with my life. After I exhausted all wondering, then I began to look at my friends and wonder, why is it that it seems that everyone else has seemed to figure out this thing called life but me? Why is it I absolutely dread going to work, but a lot of my coworkers don’t or at least don’t wear their dread on there faces. After actually talking to some of my friends I found that I am not the only one, a lot of people are going through this thing called the quarterlife crisis, which I wrote about in one of my first posts on this blog that I have neglected for the last few months.

I think the biggest question that I a lot of people in my generation have is, what do I love doing? I guess that is why I love stories about people who found their passion in something completely different from what they were classically trained to do. How can one figure out what one loves to do? Live. Going to work every day at something you merely tolerate for a check is not living, and it is not going to help you find out what you love doing. I am not completely crazy and I realize external factors such as bills and families can make it hard to just up and quit your job and start finding yourself, but I guess that’s where side projects come into play, and just trying different things you in your spare time that you think may be interesting. All the while working on these side projects, you can keep busy and perhaps uncover your passion.

One of the hardest thing is figuring out where to start, what projects to take on, how to get them off the ground. That’s the stage I’m at now, first step in my process has been pretty simple, start a list of things you think you might want to do, or things you do already when you have spare time or things you would do if money was not an issue. Take it from there.

Hopefully eventually you (and I) can get to the point where we find what we really love doing and never have to work another day in our lives.

Fresh Fridays: Yessss The Week Is Over

I was reviewing the posts that I have written and I noticed that a lot of them have been rather melancholy, which is probably a result of how I have been feeling lately. Anyhow, I have decided from this day on to reserve Friday posts for things that I have encountered throughout the week that I deem fresssssssshhhh. Yeah it’s great to be serious, methodical and analytical, but a huge part of my blog is about not letting the 9 to 5 rob you of your essence. So I have reserved Fridays just to exhibit some of the things that I think are cool. Please feel free to post your links of cool things you have encountered during the week, whatever they may be. Everyone’s essence is unique, but everyone must strive to keep it, especially in the midst of corporate servitude. I invite you to share your individuality with me…

Kris van Assche Fall/Winter 2009 High Top Sneaker

Kris van Assche Fall/Winter 2009 High Top Sneaker

Almost called it a night (or a morning according to the time), but I had to share these with you all too. It’s all about Essence Maintenance.

Kris van Assche High Top Sneaker Side

Kris van Assche High Top Sneaker Top

via: Highsnobeity


I like to think I elevated past tee shirts. I’ll still do some fitteds with a polo and some nikes, or boat shoes. Mostly I stick to plain tees as of late. If I do get a tee, its got to say something, and I don’t mean a label name. It’s got to have a dope message. I was in Commonwealth and I ran across this and I loved the message, so I copped it. Side note, this is definitely one of the best spots to shop in DC.


via: Commonwealth

Junya Watanabe Cardigan

Never even heard of this brand, and I had kinda been off argyle for a minute, but the patches just make this kinda hot. Perfect for trying to maintain that effortlessly fresh look for work.

Junya Cardigan

Junya Cardigan

via: Highsnobeity

The Quarterlife Crisis:
Where do we go from here?

I always say that once I graduated college I felt like the world was my oyster. Sure I moved back home with my dad, but that was just temporary in my book, I was just going to do that long enough to pay off my loans and buy a house. I had a job that had the possibility of turning into a career. The job I had afforded me the luxury to be able to purchase the things I needed and wanted, and hey I even got these cool business cards from a prestigious company with my name on it, which was just the epitome of cool to me. After about two years, once the novelty of the business cards and the paycheck wore off, I began to wonder what was next. I mean two years had past, I was still living at home, I was unhappy with my job, and my days just became a monotonous routine, and I didn’t feel like I was on the path to anything different. To be quite honest I started to get depressed, I started to feel like something must be wrong with me as to why I was feeling that way. I felt like a lot of my friends and family were proud of me and telling me what a great job I was doing, why was it that I did not feel that way? Why was it that I felt like I had no clue where I was going with my life? One day I was talking with a group of my friends from college about this and I was surprised to find that a few of them felt the same way; it was at this moment that one of my friends said he thought he was going through his Quarterlife Crisis. I remember thinking what the hell is a Quarterlife crisis?

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A day in the life of a 9 to 5

I saw this commercial while I was on vacation, I immediately found the link on YouTube and emailed myself the link. This commercial is crazy, because it is a perfect example of how 9 to 5 life can rob you of your essence.

Keeping it Fresh at Work

I had an idea for another post but I just had to comment on something that happened at work today. Today was a pretty boring day like most days have been with the new position, but around 11:00 am something interesting happened. This woman walked past me. She wasn’t particularly my type, actually she was pretty old; I did not think she was all the sexy or even cute for that matter, but for some reason I was enamored with her. At this point you may be wondering why. It was her outfit.

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Essence Lost


Once you’re out of college and you begin your quest through the maze of corporate servitude, you will begin to notice many changes in yourself.  When you really think about this it makes perfect sense.  Most of the places that we are sentenced to work are extremely drab, to say the least. Most work environments don’t promote creativity, especially in my field. It’s almost as if there is a interior design template for the cubicle populated buildings I have been sentenced to work in. The sole purpose of this template is to rob people of their individuality.  I have been in some office buildings that are extremely nice, but even still they are not places that evoke a feeling of creativity.  Both, my last job and current job were horrible in terms of overall aesthetics.  My first job was in a building with no windows, grayish whitish walls, with the ugliest grey carpet you have ever thought of, oh, and did I mention that the cubicles where faded purple; my current job is much similar except for the fact that they’re are windows, but those who sit by them always keep the blinds shut.
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